Multiple small frames that act as the same application

Hi all!

How do you use wxPython to create an application that is not a single rectangular window?

I currently have a short and wide wx.Frame, like a floating toolbar. When a certain button in this window is clicked, I want some options to appear in a vertical column above that button.

Any suggestions?


I’m seeing .SetShape() here ( and wx.Region here (, but not many examples online for some reason.

Do yall think those are the right direction to go?

Hi Tyler,

  It's unusual to have an app that's not in a single window any

more. It can be done, however.

  I'm not sure that I completely understand your description.  Take

a look at my wxPython app, Transana, at . You’ll see that it has a menu bar and (at least) 4 independent
but interdependent windows. A user can load a video file in the
Media Window, type a transcript for it in the Document Window,
look at coding for it in the Visuzalization Window, and manage the
analysis of the file in the Data Window. All the windows
interact, so you can control media playback from the document and
visualization windows and all windows update as needed while video
is playing in the media window. Reports and analysis of still
images are handled by popping up additional program windows.
Windows are “linked” so that adjusting the size of one causes
others to adapt, but you can also set them to be completely
independent. I chose this unusual design because it allows really
flexible screen layout, which is important in a variety of
circumstances my program supports.

  If this is what you're talking about, I'll be happy to share some

of my thoughts and experience with you.