More then one panel in a frame

When crafting my kiosk mode app I followed the wxPython structure off Application, Frame and Panel. My app would benefit from having two panels attached to one frame and having one of them visible (for example by a user clicking a button). So my basic question is: is it possible to assign TWO panels to a frame, each filling the entire frame when selected?

Of course you can more than one panel. Add a panel then add “panels”.
add the main panel
add sizer to the main panel
add a panel to the sizer (or as many as needed)

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Would a wx.Notebook control do what you want?

Never had a look at that control but thank you for thank you for the suggestion. I’ll have a look…

There’s also wx.Simplebook which has no tab handles. Search the demo for “Simplebook”.

Thanks Dietmar, this looks very nice for the application i’m working for…

There are actually many great “book” containers demonstrated in the wxPython demo, so be sure to check them all out before you commit to which one you might want to use.