"more grid features"

hello, for changes in wxpython 4.2 I see in the home page changes list “Fix ‘More Grid Features’ in demo”. I would expect an item with that title in the demo samples tree. Should I look somewhere else for the latest grid features usage examples (blocked cells, for example) ?

thank you

I haven’t had any success in finding any demos of new Grid features either.

I did a diff between the source files for the wxPython demos for v4.1.1 and v4.2.0. I only found a couple of minor changes to files relating to the Grid control:

GridLabelRenderer.py - fix some float to int division
GridStdEdRend.py - added call to a base class method

Unless I have missed something, there doesn’t appear to be any changes in the wxPython demo to show any new Grid features.

Assuming the changes are due to wxPython upgrading from wxWidgets v3.1.5 to v3.2.0, I found this document:


This contains the following entries related to wxGrid:

3.1.7: (released 2022-06-06)

  • Add wxEVT_GRID_ROW_AUTO_SIZE to wxGrid (Dietmar Schwertberger).
  • Add possibility to drag-move wxGrid rows too (Dietmar Schwertberger).
  • Improve UI of several mouse operations in wxGrid (Dietmar Schwertberger).
  • Allow sharing client data in wxGrid-related classes (Frode Roxrud Gill).

3.1.6: (released 2022-04-04)

  • Fix DPI change handling in wxGrid with hidden row/column labels.

These are certainly in wxPython 4.2, but not related to the demo.
(wx.grid.Grid.EnableDragRowMove could/should be added, though.)

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I have no recollection of what the change actually was, (caused by too much gray hair I’m sure) but a quick search shows that it’s in the sizers demo.