Making a transparent overlay -- in front of all Fullscreen applications

Hi all,

I would like to make a transparent overlay in front of any and all fullscreen applications. I have tried with a panel with SetTransparent, which works well in a desktop environment, but not when an application takes the full screen mode.

Is this feature available in wxPython: ?

If it is, then i believe it could be the key to unlocking what I need.

Any thoughts? Is the silence a no?

More or less.

The wxNativeWindow class has not been wrapped, mainly because special care will be needed for handling the different types of wxNativeWindowHandle on each platform (converting from the Python values coming from the other GUI toolkit APIs to the platform-specific types that wxWidgets wants, etc.) and I haven’t taken the time to do that investigation yet. I’ve done something similar before, but it was rather fragile and I had hoped to avoid that this time.