ListCtrl column width update bug?

Good afternoon,

I have always found ListCtrl and column width a struggle, but I had noticed some oddities in when my ListCtrl would resize its columns.

Initially, I noticed that after a ListCtrl had been empty, I would have to do two populations of it to correct the column width. I always run DeleteAllItems before populating, so can’t figure out what causes that or how it would even know that it was empty before.

Then I noticed that if I click something that populates the ListCtrl, and then un-forcuses the application, going to my browser or something else, it resizes the column to match the content. It’s really bizarre.

I tried adding “self.recList.SetColumnWidth(0, wx.LIST_AUTOSIZE)” twice to the end of the ListCtrl update function, but that did nothing.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Henrik Morsing