Listctrl behaviour after update

I recently started a thread about behaviour differences in OLV after an update of both python and wx.
I don’t think I described the problem very well, and the fact that I related it to OLV rather confused matters. The change in behaviour happens in plain old listctrl also. Here is an image that demonstrates the problem with the demo listctrl:

As you can see the style of highlight is different, and in the right image it is clear that the item under the mouse is being highlighted. This changes the feel of my app, how can I revert to the earlier behaviour whilst still using the latest versions?

I haven’t researched it much so I might be wrong. I do NOT see anyway to change the background using the ListCtrl styles. It most likely has some platform setting. That said, normally you can subclass the paint routine for any widget. It is possible to change background colors for widgets using wx.paint (I’ve done it in the past for one of my widgets). Like I said - I’m not sure this is true for the ListCtrl.