Installer for wxPython

Running Win 10 on a 32 bit OS using an x-64 based processor and

Python 3.7.7 (tags/v3.7.7:d7c567b08f, Mar 10 2020, 09:44:33) [MSC v.1900 32 bit
(Intel)] on win32

wxPython3.0-win32- doesn’t seem to install since I’m running Python 3.7.7

Is there a recommended installer (.exe) file I can use for wxPython ?


pip3 install wxpython

Thanks for your response.
Given :
c:\ Python\Python Assets\pycharm01\venv\scripts has a pip3.exe
FWIW this script’s folder also has a file
When I try pip3 install wxpython pip3 responds with failed to create process.
Any ideas ?

Personally I never use the pip3 command/script.

There’s a more transparent alternative:
C:\path\to\python.exe -mpip install wxpython

The -mpip imports the pip module. It’s equivalent to running pip3.exe, but you can specify and see what Python interpreter is being used.

P.S.: If everything breaks or you have special requirements, you can just download the .whl file from and open it using e.g. 7-zip. A .whl file is just a zip archive which you can unpack to your Python Lib\site-packages directory. This will of course not install dependencies like six (required) and numpy (not required).