Img2py how to update image

wx/lib/floatcanvas/ # This file was generated by /usr/local/bin/img2py
I am trying to update the icons to better image-quality. But how can I generate the image data being updated inside zlib.compress(b’…’) ?

As the comment mentions, the img2py tool script was used to generate that Python code. You can use the same tool to regenerate the script with updated images. Since it’s floatcanvas then you probably don’t have the original image files. To get them you can write some code that imports the module and for each getFOOData function in the file you can call it and then write the data to a FOO.png file.

The img2py script generates things a little differently than it did when was created, so it may need a little tweaking to get it working without changing where they are used in the floatcanvas code.