HyperTreeList still setting wx.ListEvent m_ properties

The Phoenix migation guide has the following about wx.ListCtrl:
“In wx.ListItem and wx.ListEvent the “m_” properties are no longer public. Instead use the associated getter/setter methods or the auto-generated properties that are using them.”

When sending a wx.ListEvent though (for EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_DRAGGING, EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_BEGIN_DRAG, EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_END_DRAG or EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_CLICK), HyperTreeList still sets m_pointDrag and m_col. Presumably these settings should be replaced with calls to evt.SetColumn(…) and evt.SetPoint(…)? This appears to be the cause of a problem where evt.GetColumn() does not return the event column (for me it always seems to return zero), while using evt.m_col does.

PRs are welcome.

Thanks Robin, just wanted to check that was appropriate first.

I have opened issue #1899 and will submit a PR with a fix.

Actually found that there is already a PR #1128 that fixes this.