HyperTreeList does not colour the whole column background

The HyperTreeList TR_FILL_WHOLE_COLUMN_BACKGROUND flag only fills the whole column with the background colour if it’s left-aligned. It seems to colour just the text plus any space to the right (if the column is right-aligned, it colours the text and if centre-aligned it colours the text plus the space to its right). I presume that this isn’t intentional, but thought I’d post here and check before I submit an issue.

I haven’t built a small runnable as this is easy to demonstrate in the wxPython demo:

  • Use the Test HyperTreeList button to bring up the test dialog
  • Use the Column Background Colour option to set column backgrounds to a contrast colour e.g. red
  • Use the Alignment option and cycle through wx.LEFT, wx.CENTER, wx.RIGHT

Yep this is a bug. You should file it.

Thanks. Logged as issue #1898