How do you insert something in a different column of a HyperTreeList

I suspect that i don’t understand how HyperTreeLists work… but the left-most column has a tree… and then there are corresponding cells to a tree node in a series of columns to the right. How does one add a value in say the 4th row and 5th column?

If you’ve set the item in the first column like this:

tree_item = self.tree.AppendItem(self.root, "First Column"))

Then you can set the text for the subsequent columns with:

self.tree.SetItemText(tree_item, "Fifth Column", 4)

Replace 1 with the index of the column you want to set the text for, starting at 0 for the leftmost column.

Take a look at the demo for HyperTreeList for a longer example:

There are also the docs at if you haven’t seen them already:

Hope this helps