GridSizer and SetSelection in pyhon2 era


I am converting python2 era package to modern python3. I need to find out how GridSizer and SetSelection worked. Following codes needs to be converted.

panel = wx.GridSizer(3, 3)

self.RefType = wx.ListBox(...
self.RefType.SetSelection(0, True)

Both work under python2.
The errors with python3 I get are:
For GridSizer: not enough arguments
SetSelection: too many arguments

Is it possible to access old wxpython documents?

Thanks in advance.


You can still find the old docs on SourceForge, eg wxPython - Browse /wxPython/ at
That said, the probable intended behaviour of your code, in modern parlance, would be “wx.GridSizer(3, 3, 0, 0)” and “SetSelection(0)”.


Thank you for your time.
I downloaded, although I have been unable to navigate in it, so far.
For the time being, I put GridSizer(3, 3, 0, 0) and SetSelection(0) and see what happens.