Frame doesn't refresh its content


I'm writing a small application which creates a wxNotebook. It offers a Dialog to choose several options. For each Option a Tab is inserted in the wxNotebook and filled with a TextCtrl.

This part of the code is working.

However, after adding a Tabs the Frame doesn't refresh. This means that no Tabs are displayed until I minimize or resize the applications frame manually.

It browsed through the wxWidgets Help, the Mailinglist Archive and the ASPN Cookbook, but I couldn't find an answer on my problem.

Does anybody know this symptom ? Does anybody have a solution ?

I already tried to use:
and other various parameters, suggested by the wxWidgets Help, in the Constructor.

but it didn't help.

I attached the code of the software. It should work easily.




#Using Pywin32 Build 210 / Python 2.5 / Unicode / wxWidgets 2.8.3 /WinXPSp2

import wx

ID_TEST = 101

class MainWindow(wx.Frame):
    def __init__(self, parent, id, title):
        wx.Frame.__init__(self, parent, id, title='Test Application', size=(600,600), style =wx.DEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE)

    #create a Menubar with an entry
        filemenu = wx.Menu()
        filemenu.Append(ID_TEST, "&Test")
        Menubar = wx.MenuBar()
        Menubar.Append(filemenu, "&File")
        wx.EVT_MENU(self, ID_TEST, self.OnTest)

        #create a Notebook (but don't display it right now)
        self.nb = wx.Notebook(self, style = wx.BK_DEFAULT|wx.NB_MULTILINE)

    def OnTest(self, evt):
        #select an Option from a list
        option_list = self.SelectOptions()

        #create a Panel for each selected Option
        for option_name in option_list:
            p = wx.Panel(self.nb, 1)
            self.nb.AddPage(p, option_name)

     #Select the panels and create one textbox on each panel
        for x in range(self.nb.GetPageCount()):
            p_text = wx.TextCtrl(p, 1, size=(590,510), value="Loading...", style=wx.TE_MULTILINE, name = "Textbox")

      #Place the Textfield on the Panel by using a sizer

            p.sizer.Add(p_text,1,wx.EXPAND|wx.ALL, 5)

    def SelectOptions(self):

        #This dialog offers several options to choose
        choice = ['Network Protocols', 'Installed Software', 'Processes', 'Registry', 'Network']
        diag = wx.MultiChoiceDialog(self, 'Test', 'Selection', choice)

        if diag.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK:
            selections = diag.GetSelections()
            strings = [choice[x] for x in selections]
            return strings

app = wx.PySimpleApp()
frame = MainWindow(None, -1, "Test Application")



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