Formatting text in a dataview.TreeListCtrl?

Is it possible to format the text (I want to set some lines red) in a dataview.TreeListCtrl? I’ve not been able to figure out how.

I’ve ended up using the dv.TreeListCtrl because I wanted a type of list control with the tree type expansion of some rows, plus the ability to sort by columns, and I wanted things to look visually similar to other controls in my application which use dv.DataViewCtrl. However, where I can set the text attributes in the model of a DataViewCtrl via GetAttrByRow, I can’t see how to change the format of text in the TreeListCtrl.

I’ve managed now to apply some highlight, via having a DataViewCustomRenderer, but although I can apply a background colour by colouring the DC, I still can’t figure out how to simply change the text attributes.

I must be missing something, it can’t be this difficult surely?