FC31 Python3 wxPython 4.0.6 - Will only display on console, does not honor DISPLAY= variable

This used to work (probably before “Phoenix”). As a matter of fact it worked coast-to-coast (my lab and system being in California and my office and X11 display in Virginia. Now I’ve come back around to trying to use wxPython in Linux and the dumb thing will only display on the local graphics console no matter what I set DISPLAY to. Everything else X11-ish is working (xdpyinfo and xeyes being my sanity tests).

Is this new wxPython using some local-graphics-only thingie that I just don’t recognize the name of? Yet another matching-Windows-bug-for-bug thing? We all agree that Windows is bad, but familiar?

Apparently the modern resident Fedora 31 X11 graphics involves something called “wayland”, which has to be coerced to allow X11 to be what it always has been.

GDK_BACKEND=x11 python simple.py

allows DISPLAY= to do it’s job.


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