Extending wx.html2.WebView js

i’ve tried searching the internet but i’ve found only the void, i want to add functions/extend the js engine used in the WebView, but i’ve not found how, i checked the docs and this forum, nothing, maybe somebody knows the way to do so?

You want to modify the Javascript engine itself? The only possible platform you might be able to do that is on GTK where the WebKitGTK library is used. On macOS and Windows, the platform Javascript libraries are used - I don’t see how you would be able to modify those.

if its not possible to extend the engine maybe is possible to add a custom backend to the WebView?

In that case you usually need to enable Javascript.


Can you describe in more details what you are really trying to do?

Probably not from Python.

i want to build an electron-like application, just build from python instead of wharever electron uses, its a test to see if i’m capable of writing a complex “programmable” application