Event wx.grid.EVT_GRID_TABBING Tab or Shift-Tab?


The event wx.grid.EVT_GRID_TABBING is fired by pressing Tab or Shift-Tab. How to find out which one was pressed? The eventhandler could be:

def handler(event):
    if tab_pressed():
        print("Tab pressed")
    elif shift_tab_pressed():
        print("Shift-Tab pressed")
        print("Something else pressed") # should never happen, because handler is bound to EVT_GRID_TABBING

So: howto implement tab_pressed and/or shift_tab_pressed?

Thanks for any hint!

The documentation is at wx.grid.GridEvent — wxPython Phoenix 4.1.2a1 documentation
Does event.ShiftDown() not work?

O, sorry, I missed that.