Error when using UltimateListCtrl with TextEditMixin

I’m using UltimateListCtrl. Now I want to edit the field. I see there are TextEdiMixin which can help to edit the field but when I run and click to edit, I get this error:

“”" - line 560
col = (bisect(self.col_locs, x+self.GetScrollPos(wx.HORIZONTAL)) - 1)
TypeError: GetScrollPos() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given

After a while, I find out that UltimateListCtrl has the same GetScrollPos method and takes 1 argument then it return the Window.GetScrollPos which get 2 arguments. The GetScollPos in needs to go to Window.GetScollPos instead of going to GetScrollPos method in
So I disable the GetScrollPos method in and run again.

I get the new error:

“”" - line 560
col = (bisect(self.col_locs, x+self.GetScrollPos(wx.HORIZONTAL)) - 1)
wx._core.wxAssertionError: C++ assertion “sb” failed at /tmp/build/80754af9/wxpython_1547931003892/work/ext/wxWidgets/src/gtk/window.cpp(5044) in GetScrollPos(): this window is not scrollable
Is it a bug or something else?
Is there another way to edit the field in UltimateListCtrl?
I choose UltimateListCtrl because I can embed other widgets such as TextCtrl in the field.

I see there are some people asking for the same question but no one is answered. Please take a look at it.

English is not my native language, so if you need to explain something, just ask.
I very appreciate it.


Doesn’t the ULC already support editing items without using TextEditMixin?

One way to easily overcome most non-native language issues here is to provide a small-as-possible runnable application that demonstrates the problem you are having.

Hi Robin,
I read docs and run demo about UltimateListCtrl. I think UltimateListCtrl can only edit labels.
Or there is a way to edit items that am I missing?

This is an example of my case. (1.1 KB)
Run then click to the item, the error will occur.