Creating a 2D circuit schematic drawing application

I am thinking of developing a circuit schematic drawing application. There are many applications for these but I cannot find something in wxPython. I want to tie it with a simulator GUI, I have been working on again written in wxPython. I wonder how I should start?
I think the symbols would be classes where each class is instantiated in the schematic and would be connected with wires. Then there should be a mechanism for creating new classes from these schematic as symbols. I want to be able to save drawing as a text file instead of a binary file so that the version control is easier.

Thus, the drawing would be on 2D canvas(?) and user would be instantiating symbols, change some properties attached to these symbols, move these symbols as needed by point/click, and wire the pins/terminals of these symbols.

Any pointer would be much appreciated.

See the Beremiz project as an example.

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Thanks, looks very good. I think I would need a somewhat simpler starting point than Beremiz.

Maybe not entirely what you’re looking for, but provides an example of the basic concepts you mentioned is the GSnodegraph library I’ve been creating.

I think it is a bit simpler than trying to extract from Beremiz since it is a very minimal implementation at the moment.

Hope it helps! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

EDIT: Sorry, I included the wrong link in my first post!


You have also QElectrotech which QT5 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It can inspire you.