CheckBox in grid

Yes in France we say : "The big jump" :slight_smile:

I was worried about the diagnostic that the problem is between the chair and the keyboard. If I understand for the moment I'm safe :slight_smile:

The third file I have sent in this previous mail was made from the wxPython demo. So it's easy to reproduce it.

In the demo, the choice is : "Core Windows/Controls" / "Grid" / "wx.Grid using a custom Table, with non string data".

You can find attached the result.

Thank you.




Le 31/07/2019 à 16:01, Scott Talbert a écrit :

On Wed, 31 Jul 2019, Hugues JEAN-BAPTISTE wrote:

Hi all,

CheckBox doesn't appear correctly in a grid, you can see attached files.

- Windows / python 2.7 / wxPython 2.8 : Good

- Windows / python 3.5 / wxPython 4.0.4 : Good

- Linux Mageia 6 / python 2.7 / wxPython 2.8 : Good

- Linux Mageia 6 / python 3.5 / wxPython 4.0.4 or 4.0.6 : Not good

Is it a problem of GTK, wxWidget, wxPython or programmer ?

Well, you changed a whole bunch of variables on your two Linux tests. :slight_smile:
Python 2.7 -> Python 3.5
wxWidgets 2.8 -> wxWidgets 3.0
wxPython 2.8 -> wxPython 4.0
(Most likely) GTK 2 -> GTK 3

If I had to guess this is most likely something related to the GTK 3 implementation in wxWidgets 3.0. Do you have an simple code example that reproduces this problem?



Hi all,

I come back with my problem of checkbox in a grid
I have installed wxPython 4.0.4 with : pip3 install wxPython-4.0.4.tar.gz 2>&1 | tee build.log
The file "build.log" doesn't give many information.
In the previous versions of wxPython, I was able to know the result of the configure order.
As Scott said, I imagine it's a problem of GTK3 library missing or something else ...

Thanks, in advance, for your help ...


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