Change in TextCtrl in 4.2?

I have noticed a change wx.TextCtrl appearance in 4.2.0, at least on the ARM Mac. Previously
if I did not supply a size for wx.TextCtrl it would be sized at (105,-1) (unless expanded by a sizer, etc.) Now I am seeing the widget as sized to fit the string, if style=wx.TE_READONLY and is only about 1 character in width if not. Has anyone else seen something like this?

Is this a wx bug to be corrected in 4.2.x or a new feature of wxWidgets that we will just need to learn to love?


I haven’t tracked it down yet, but I expect that it is an unintentional change. On MSW it is still defaulting to ~100 pixel width if no size is passed to the constructor. For now the easiest workaround is to just give your textctrl’s an initial size.

Not so easy, with ~160 calls to change, but good to know it was not intended. Alas, I have found that life is not so simple, but if I run a short test code I don’t see the problem, but I certainly see a difference all over our 100,000 line code.

Any thoughts on what might cause this?

I have found some other code that shows this problem, the RadioButton demo in wxDemos,

This is wx4.2.0 under Python 3.10.8 on a M1 Mac built in Homebrew. For comparison, here is the same demo with an older Python & wx on an Intel Mac:

I’d be very much interested if others see this with 4.2.0 (or later) on other builds/platforms.