Can't write in wxdemo, alternate options?


I have a strobe sensitivity and visual motion sensitivity. So among other things, I can’t see near blinking cursors, and get migraines and nausea from them. As of 4.0.6, wxdemo code windows have blinking cursors, and no way for MacOS users to disable these. 4.0.7/4.1 is supposed to fix that. But in the meantime, is there a way to edit code elsewhere and then import it into wxdemo? And if there is, would I still encounter blinking cursors when running the code?

See here about the bug:

I don’t have any experience with Python, but have instructions to create a pdf-testing tool, and have been waiting for 4.0.7.

I created my own timer app using gnu-time and ghostscript. So that may be a bit easier than wxdemo.

From your next message it seems you have already figured this out, but just to be clear… The demo is meant to be a tool to learn about and experiment with the features provided by the wxPython library, not as a framework for developing your own applications. The intent is that once you use the demo to learn, or to find info about some widget you need, that you would then use that information while developing your own standalone application outside of the demo.

As for not being able to “write in wxdemo” do you mean that you are getting permission errors? There was a bug (fixed now) in how the tarballs were generated that restricted the access to the files once they were extracted from the archive. But it is just simple permissions settings so as long as you put the demo files somewhere you have write access to then a simple chmod can fix it for you.

No, it was not being able to see the screen to know where to type or check what I had just typed. I can’t see with blinking cursors.